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LAMP text bulletins(ASCII)

LAMP v2.2.0 bulletins from the latest cycle are available below:

  • Latest 1-25 h (standard) text bulletin: cyupdate.latest_standard.txt
  • Latest 26-38 h (extended) text bulletin: cyupdate.latest_extended.txt
  • Latest 1-38 h (full) text bulletin: cyupdate.latest_full.txt
  • Latest 1-3 h (mini) text bulletin: cyupdate.latest_mini.txt

  • LAMP 1-25 h (standard) bulletins(below)
    LAMP 26-38 h (extended) bulletins(below)
    LAMP 1-38 h (full) bulletins(below)

    LAMP 1-25 h (standard) bulletins:

    LAMP 26-38 h (extended) bulletins:

    LAMP 1-38 h (full) bulletins:
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